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the twentysecond video is alive but dead by rage. this is a live version of a song from a metal band for an orchestra with amplified guitars, played with the lingua mortis orchestra from minsk, belarus. other bands did such projects earlier, but this is still one of my favorite orchestra and metal combinations (next to waltari, but more about that later ;-) ). the lyrics can be found here.

this is metal. it also has an orchestra. try it if you want.

[[for legal reasons, i do not want to include youtube videos here anymore. please click on this link to watch the video at youtube.]]

i like it because… it’s a really good blend of classic and metal. in my opinion, one of the best. i also first heard this on the dark winter nights sampler, which i already mentioned several times during this series :-)

i was on another concert today. a classic one. but no classic/metal crossover as before, but a “real” classic one. the orchester accento musicale zürich played joseph haydn‘s cello concert in c major and georges bizet‘s symphony in c major, together with cellist patrick demenga for haydn’s symphony. i really enjoyed it.

besides apocalyptica, there’s another creat classic/metal crossover to mention, lingua mortis by rage and the symphonic orchestra prague. this is not simply a version of some songs with an orchestra in the background (that’s more common, see, for example, metallica‘s s&m and dream theater‘s score), but a complete rewrite of several older rage songs for orchestra together with the usual rage instruments. my first contact with this really excellent piece of music was, again, the sampler dark winter nights, which contained the alive but dead.
this year, rage was on tour with the lingua mortis orchestra, playing in Київ, Санкт-Петербург, Москва, vizovice and, finally, at the wacken open air. originally, they were supposed to also play at the metal dayz in pratteln, but as these were cancelled, i had no chance to see them… :-(

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